Donky Launches After Year-long Beta

By David Murphy

Donky John Whittington

Whittington: “We have taken Donky from a closed-source solution, opened it up and broken it down into the constituent building blocks handling everything”

After 12 months in beta, Donky has officially launched its platform of the same name that combines real-time data interactions and services with marketing automation, including location-based services.

Donky enables two-way messaging in apps and on the web, and as a result of development work undertaken during the beta period, can also enable extensive two-way Internet of Things (IoT) and Over The Top (OTT) services for any native or web-enabled device. The platform integrates with existing marketing systems and can identify users across the entire digital estate to understand who they are and how they connect.

For developers, Donky has several core propositions. These include a complete development platform accessed via real-time, open APIs for the creation of extensive IoT, OTT and messaging services for any native or web-enabled device; a two-way IoT data and messaging network that functions out-of-the-box to deliver capabilities for developers, while providing a complete view of the digital landscape; an open source mentality and developer-friendly set of plug-and-play modular SDKs that offer a wide range of functionality to be integrated or built into …read more

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