Driving the Digital Revolution: Amobee

By Alex Spencer


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The last five years have seen consistent growth in mobile ad spend, as the medium has proved itself a reliable channel for driving traffic to mobile properties, particularly app download destinations. It’s a period that has seen many mobile ad companies fall by the wayside, while a few, with a more solid, scalable offering, have prospered.

Amobee belongs firmly in the latter group. The company’s track record of innovation and its ability to deliver tangible results attracted the attention of Asian operator SingTel, which paid $321m (£194m) to acquire the company back in March 2012. Having successfully and rapidly expanded its business across Asia, Amobee has since been on the acquisition trail itself, as it seeks to evolve from its mobile roots.

In June of this year, it bought two companies in quick succession, paying $235m for Adconion Direct and $150m for Kontera. Amobee CEO Mark Strecker took the reins from Trevor Healy at the end of May. Strecker told Mobile Marketing that the acquisitions …read more

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