Durex Releases App that lets Couples’ Phones Sleep Together

By Tim Maytom

durex combo

In recognition of environmental campaign Earth Hour and off the back of research into how technology can disrupt relationships, Durex has released an app that enables couples’ phones to sleep at the same time.

According to a study by Durham University, 40 per cent of people have answered the phone during sex, indicating the often obsessive relationship consumers can develop with technology.

The Durex Connect app aims to prevent such interruptions to intimate situations happening by syncing couples’ devices and masking their home screen, effectively putting the phone to sleep and removing distractions.

The app has been promoted with a viral video that has been viewed over 40m times, showing tech-obsessed couples’ reactions to the news that the technological aid their relationship most needed was, in fact, the off button.

“The Durex Connect film followed the volunteer couples on an emotional and reflective journey where they came to terms with their true obsession with technology in their relationships, and the campaign has really highlighted this on a global scale,” said Ukonwa Ojo, head of global brand equity at Durex.

“Durex’s Connect campaign is a great awareness driver of that need to reconnect, and we hope it inspires people to …read more

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