Ensighten and Quantcast Partner for Attribution Solution

By Tim Maytom

ensighten and quantcast

Omni-channel data management firm Ensighten and real-time ad and audience measurement company Quantcast have partnered to provide marketers with Split Funnel Attribution, giving better visibility into how each marketing channel is contributing to conversions.

Split Funnel Attribution divides the customer journey into two distinct paths defined by the consumer’s first website visit, with the upper funnel consisting of every brand engagement that occurs prior to the consumer’s first site visit, and the lower funnel covering from their first site visit to their conversion.

By defining attribution values based on upper funnel prospecting activities and lower funnel retargeting activities, advertisers can gain a deeper understanding of which marketing tactics have the most impact on customers’ paths to conversion.

“Efficient spending of advertising dollars is top-of-mind for every advertisers, yet most don’t have the necessary insights to allocate their budgets efficiently,” said Seph Zdarko, head of attribution initiatives and partner strategy at Quantcast.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Ensighten, which is taking Split Funnel Attribution to a new level by enabling marketers to leverage it not only for paid media, but also across all consumer touchpoints.”

Following the partnership, any marketer on the Ensighten Open Marketing Platform will be able to leverage Split …read more

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