Facebook In Talks to Host News Content from NYT, Buzzfeed and More

By Alex Spencer

Facebook-HQ-Logo-IRL carousel

Facebook is reportedly in talks with news publisher to host their content directly on its own site and app, without users having to click out to external pages.

Facebook argues that this would cut down on all-important loading times, particularly on mobile, where app users are led to an external web browser which typically takes around eight seconds to load the content. Hosting isn’t the only method that Facebook is exploring to speed up this process, according to reports in The New York Times, but it seems likely to be the most controversial.

Facebook has reportedly been in discussions with ‘at least half a dozen’ media companies about these plans in recent months. At least three publications are on board as launch partners – the NYT itself, Buzzfeed and National Geographic. Facebook also approached The Huffington Post and economics news site Quartz, though it’s currently unclear whether they agreed to the proposal.

Facebook’s offer to publishers includes a revenue share on advertising, but it seems that publishers’ existing ad inventory will be dropped, in favour of a single ad unit on each hosted article. Publishers will receive a cut of revenue from this ad – but presumably less than from ads on their …read more

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