Facebook Launches Lite App for Emerging Markets

By Alex Spencer


Facebook has launched Facebook Lite, a version of its Android app that uses less data, aimed at emerging markets.

The app itself is less than 1MB, and condenses Facebook down to its core element to provide a more reliable experience on low-speed connections.

Lite is initially rolling out in Asia, and then countries in Latin America, Africa and Europe ‘over the coming weeks’. The app is part of Facebook’s wider push to bring internet services emerging markets, along with the Internet.org initiative and its work with drones.

Elsewhere, Facebook has also updated its Messenger app, with the ability to send a location to friends. Users can select their own location or another place, then send a map as a message. This replaces the previous location feature in Messenger which, reading between the lines of Facebook’s announcement – and from our own experiences – made it too easy to share location accidentally.

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Source:: Mobile App News