Facebook News Feed Changes Put Friends Before Brands

By Alex Spencer

FB newsfeed

Facebook has tweaked its News Feed algorithm to prioritise updates from the user’s friends over business and publisher pages.

Facebook has announced three changes, the first of which puts content “posted directly by the friends you care about” higher in the News Feed. Facebook’s announcement says it is trying to keep the right balance of content for each user’s individual tastes, and is careful to emphasise that users who “like to read news or interact with posts from pages … will still see that content in News Feed”.

However, this could make it harder for brands or news publishers to reach users organically through the social network. This is particularly evident in the second tweak, which will deprioritise stories about friends liking or commenting on a post from a user or page they don’t follow. These updates will appear lower down in the News Feed or be hidden completely – which looks like bad news for publishers who currently benefit from the second-hand exposure Facebook can offer.

The final update potentially works in publisher’s favour, however, relaxing the restrictions on showing multiple consecutive posts from the same source appearing in their News Feed, especially for users without much new content in their feed.

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