Facebook Opens its Scrapbook for Parents Sharing

By Alex Spencer


Facebook has launched a pilot of ‘Scrapbook’, a new feature that makes it easier to organise photos of their child on the social network.

While the minimum age for a Facebook account is still 13 years old, Scrapbook introduces a special tag that can be assigned for younger children, that can only be used by the parents. Scrapbook photos can be co-owned with their partner – as long as they’re in a relationship with on Facebook – and shared with both sets of friends.

It’s already possible for Facebook users to list their children in their ‘relationships’ section, so the introduction of Scrapbook doesn’t look to have any immediate potential for ad targeting – though it may encourage more parents to add their child to their account.

The feature is based on research that found that 65 per cent of parents uploading photos of their children to Facebook tag their partner in these pictures.

This feature is rolling out immediately on desktop, iOS and Android in the US.

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Source:: Mobile App News