Facebook Patent Describes Native Ad Network for Video, Articles and More

By Alex Spencer

mark zuckerberg at f8 2015

Facebook has filed a patent for an ad exchange that would allow it to serve not just ads but native content on third-party sites.

US patent application #20150100431 was filed in December last year, as spotted by Business Insider, and is one of a string of related patents stretching back as far as June 2011. It describes a system for “combining [data from Facebook and third-party sources] to create an aggregated user profile for one or more users … that have a matching user identity; selecting a content item for the viewing user based on the aggregated user profile of the viewing user; and sending the selected content item for display to the viewing user.”

This isn’t dissimilar to what Facebook currently offers for in-app and video ads through its Audience Network and LiveRail offerings. The key difference is that this exchange would also include sites – and that the content served up could include a video, image, article or Facebook news feed post.

The platform makes sense as an extension of Facebook’s current ad strategy. The social network has been increasingly focused on leveraging its data for third-party advertising since it announced Audience Network at last year’s F8 conference. …read more

Source:: Mobile App News