Facebook Remains Most Popular Social Destination for US Web Users

By David Murphy

Facebook screenshot Jan 2015

You may instinctively know it, but new research from the Pew Research Center confirms that Facebook remains by far the most popular social media site among Americans. Other platforms including Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn also significant increases in the proportion of online adults who use their sites during 2014.

The report finds that multi-platform use is on the rise, with 52 per cent of online adults now using two or more social media sites, up from 42 per cent in 2013. At the same time, significantly fewer adults use just one site — 28 per cent compared with 36 per cent last year. As in 2013, Facebook remains the most popular site among those who use only one, with 79 per cent of those who use just one site saying it’s Facebook that they use. As in years past, a significant majority of Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn users say they also use Facebook, more than any other site. At the same time, the proportion of Facebook users who also use another site is on the rise.

Pinterest is dominated by women, with 42 per cent of online women using the platform, compared with 13 per cent of online …read more

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