Facebook Reveals Photo-sharing App ‘Moments’

By Tim Maytom

moments combo

Facebook’s experimental studio, Creative Labs, has unveiled another new app to expand the social network’s ecosystem, Moments, which aims to enable cloud-based photo sharing amongst friends on Facebook.

The app pulls photos from your camera roll, then uses the same facial recognition technology found on Facebook’s main app to identify your friends, giving you the option to then share those photos with the people in them.

If you do try to send the photos to one of your friends that doesn’t yet have Moments, they will receive a link prompting them to download the app, which Facebook is no doubt hoping will speed adoption.

The idea behind the app is to create a private version of Facebook’s Photo Album feature, with photos automatically organised by date and who is in them, enabling easy browsing, and sharable via Facebook’s main app, as well as Messenger and Instagram.

Whether the app will be widely adopted is hard to say – Creative Labs has released several standalone apps, including ‘social phonebook’ Hello, news app Paper and Snapchat rivals Riff and Slingshot, none of which have seen particularly wide adoption, but given its remit for experimentation, …read more

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