Facebook Rolling Out Mobile Ad Formats at Cannes

By Tim Maytom


The Cannes Lions advertising festival is kicking off in France this week, with many of the industry’s best and brightest in attendance. Chris Cox, Facebook’s chief product officer will be taking to the stage on Tuesday, and his presentation is expected to include the unveiling of new ad formats for Facebook’s mobile apps.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the new ad offering will include the ability to create a fully-branded interactive environment within Facebook, with advertisers able to add features like full-screen video, rich media, product information and more.

With almost three quarters of the company’s ad revenues coming from mobile these days, mobile is Facebook’s biggest concern and its primary focus, but with advertisers always looking for better, more immersive ways to connect brands and consumers, the firm can’t afford to rest on its laurels.

The new formats are likely an attempt to attract higher rates and bigger names to Facebook’s advertising ecosystem, particularly the sort of brands who traditionally rely on television for their ad spend.

The formats will be entirely mobile-first, and take advantage of natural interactions that are native to the smartphone experience, with interactive features that utilise swipe, scroll and pinch movements.

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