Facebook Targets YouTube with Revenue Sharing for Video Creators

By Tim Maytom

Facebook Suggested Video

Facebook has been making massive strides over the last few years in including more video in its News Feed, but has been held back by the fact that YouTube is still the platform of choice for those making videos.

That may all change soon, however, with the announcement that Facebook will begin sharing ad revenue with video creators in a similar way to YouTube, in an effort to draw more polished content and, in turn, more eyes on its adverts.

The new mobile-first feature, called Suggested Videos, will differ to the standard video ads inserted into users’ News Feeds. Instead, ads will be included between video content that has been produced professionally by major media companies, in a similar fashion to TV advertisements.

Mobile users who view a video in their News Feed will be targeted with a follow-up link to videos that Facebook thinks they might be interested, which will take them into the Suggested Video feature.

Video creators featured through Suggested Videos will receive 55 per cent of the ad revenues, the same proportion that creators receive on YouTube. However, the initiative seems largely aimed at professional media partners, rather than the legion of vloggers and creators who have made …read more

Source:: Mobile App News