Facebook Video Posts up 75 per cent Globally

By Tim Maytom

facebook video news feed

Mark Zuckerberg’s prediction that Facebook would be ‘mostly video‘ within five years seems to have been validated today, with the social network releasing figures that show video posts per person rose 75 per cent globally last year.

In the US, the figures are even higher, with video posts per person almost doubling in 2014, and as more people create, post and interact with more videos on Facebook, the makeup of the News Feed has changed, with the amount of video from both individuals and brands in the News Feed more than tripling year-on-year.

Facebook has averaged more than 1bn video views a day since June of last year, with 50 per cent of daily US Facebook users watching at least one video a day, and 76 per cent of US users saying they discover the videos they watch on Facebook.

The growth of video on Facebook means mobile users will see an increasing amount of their data taken up by auto-playing videos from both Facebook friends and brands choosing to advertise this way, and may see the growth of ‘zero-rating’ plans, where Facebook pays mobile network operators to give users access to its services for free.

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Source:: Mobile App News