Facebook’s Ad Exchange Headed for Scrapheap?

By Tim Maytom

facebook fbx ad exchange

Facebook’s FBX ad exchange was launched with much fanfare in 2012, but less than three years later, the social network is reportedly considering abandoning the project due to recent changes in digital media.

The increasing number of people accessing Facebook using mobile devices, and the growing importance of mobile ads, which do not work with the cookies ad exchanges use to retarget consumers, means FBX is increasingly obsolete.

Despite utilising programmatic buying of ad impressions, the FBX exchange has struggled to take off, as the industry adapts to new modes of working, and Facebook in particular places more and more focus on mobile.

According to Digiday, David Fischer, VP of advertising at Facebook commented on FBX’s future at Adexchanger’s Industry Preview conference, saying that it would no longer be a focal point for the company. According to Fischer, it’s primary use is desktop retargeting, with no plans for mobile version, and he believes there are better ways to reach Facebook’s audience.

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Source:: Mobile App News