Fashionably Engaging

By David Murphy

Airspace Ian Malone

Ian Malone, CEO and founder of Airspace, looks at the potential for beacons in the fashion retail sector

The recent news that Ted Baker is deploying proximity marketing beacons in its Westfield London store is yet another sign that retail tech is entering an exciting new phase in the UK.

We know that in the US, adoption of beacons is exploding, from 35,000 beacons deployed last year to an estimated 6m by the end of 2016. Clearly, the trial phase there is over, and the rush to create beacon-connected stores is on. But in the UK it’s fair to say it’s only just beginning and of all the sectors that are best placed to take advantage of the tech, fashion retail is a front runner.

There is so much fantastic content that can be delivered direct to the fashion-conscious shopper in-store. Larger stores can send out ‘What’s trending in store today’ messages. Chains with smaller stores can hold flash sales in real time or announce new designs in-store that day. You have an exclusive collection from a designer? Then make use of your in-store wi-fi to deliver video content that really sells the collection. And while you’re at it, flag up …read more

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