Firefox Introduces Browsing History-based Ads with Suggested Tiles

By Alex Spencer

Firefox TIles

Mozilla has introduced Suggested Tiles to its Firefox browser – targeted ads based on the user’s browsing history.

When users open a new Firefox window, they are shown a set of ’tiles’, displaying recently or frequently viewed sites, and over the past few months, Mozilla has been experimenting with advertising in this space. It first introduced Directory Tiles last November, which promoted recommended sites – some of which were sponsored – to new Firefox users.

Suggested Tiles builds on that by using the browser history to identify a user’s interests, and deliver content based on that information.

Mozilla insists that it doesn’t share the user’s data with advertisers, and promises that sponsored content will be clearly identifiable in the browser, along with why the user is seeing it. It’s also possible to change these settings, or even opt out of Tiles entirely.

Suggested Tiles will be rolled out in phases, starting in the US, and will initially show ads for Mozilla and Firefox products before introducing content from partners.

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