Five Things Brands Need to Know About Mobile in 2015

By Alex Spencer

Alex Kozloff IAB Cropped

Alex Kozloff, head of mobile at the IAB UK, shares her top tips for brands to consider as we head into the biggest year yet for mobile marketing.

Mobile could be the biggest digital display medium in 2015
One of the biggest challenges for anyone interested in mobile, advertisers included, is keeping up with the constant evolution of mobile technology. The fast pace of change can mean it’s easy to miss when major shifts in the advertising landscape are taking place right under our noses.

The IAB/PWC Digital Adspend Study has measured the size of the digital advertising market in the UK for over 15 years, and mobile has been a part of this since 2008. Back then, the iPhone hadn’t even been around for a year and mobile made up 0.8 per cent of the digital advertising spend in the UK. Fast forward six years, and the most recent data from H1 2014 shows a very different story, with mobile making up 20 per cent of digital advertising spend in the UK. Crucially, it also makes up 31 per cent of digital display spend and looking at the growth curve, it seems very plausible that mobile will grow to more than …read more

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