Five Years of the iPad: A Brief History

By Alex Spencer

Steve Jobs iPad launch

Today marks five years since the launch of the iPad on 3 April 2010. To mark the anniversary, we’ve charted the ups and downs of the last half-decade for the device that first introduced tablets to the mainstream.

Rumours into reality
When Steve Jobs took to the stage on January 27 2010 in San Francisco, rumours of an Apple tablet had been circling for the best part of a decade. Speculation about the device, commonly tipped to be named ‘iTablet’ or ‘iSlate’, began in 2002 after the release of the first iPod. Over the intervening years, a steady stream of insider sources and uncovered patents kept the rumour alive.

The tablet’s origins even preempted the iPhone. Multi-touch technology was originally presented to Steve Jobs as part of a “portable web surfing appliance” called the the ‘Safari Pad’ – but Jobs decided the technology would be a better fit for a smaller mobile device.

Those rumours all finally paid off at Apple’s January 2010 press conference in San Francisco, with the unveiling of the iPad. At the time, Mobile Marketing‘s coverage of the launch described the device, with its 9.7” screen, as “looking a little like a super-sized iPhone”. The iPad came in two …read more

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