Follow these steps when writing for reputation

I was approached recently with this question. “When you want to blog or write to enhance your reputation, what are the best ways to go about it?”


When one begins blogging for reputation purposes, the most important thing to remember is that anytime your fingers touch the keyboard and those touches end up in some way represented as content online, it becomes all about your reputation.

To be intentially blogging about reputation, these are the top three keys to success.

I. Be intentional about the plaftorm. You’ll either share the content your write on a site built by someone else or on one that you’ve built. Choose the platform based on the audience you wish to attract. If you’re a mommy blogger for instance, you’ll want to blog on sites that speak to that audience.

II. Blog or write to the audience you wish to serve in the months and years ahead. In other words, your contributions to any platform, if well written, should be aimed to the audience you are targeting as you grow in expertise.

III. Build articles that showcase the expertise of others. This practice serves to increase the value of your content while simultaneously attaching you to the high level reputation of your guest authors.

Additionally you will want to utilize platforms that serve to provide some opportunities for expertise. My current favorites  are or For straight up exposure to your subject matter expertise, investigate or Both of those great sites convert power point slide shows into flash and are well indexed by the search engines. Optimize them for search with the appropriate tags and you’re own your way.

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