Food For Thought

By Tim Maytom

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After a few years of relatively slow growth, mobile payment and ordering services have recently started to make a big push into UK restaurants. Wagamama, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Wahaca and Hummus Bros all grabbed headlines in the first few months of the year, so we tested each of their app offerings – and learned a lot in the process.

For example, while paying and especially ordering a meal on your smartphone might seem designed to take the human element out of the restaurant experience, these systems actually put even more emphasis on the people. Purchasing something as physical as a steaming bowl of noodles using an app still feels slightly alien to most customers, so it’s vital that staff are fully trained and on-board with the process to make them feel comfortable.

The mobile technology supporting this experience is just a bridge, and as with any bridge, what matters is that the ride is smooth. After all, you don’t think about the technology behind your debit card, whether …read more

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