Games Apps Drive Best In-app Ad CTRs, Study Finds

By David Murphy

inapp advertising 2

Games apps emerged as the best category for in-app advertising performance in the StartApp study

Mobile ad platform StartApp has released the findings of a study into CTRs (clickthrough rates) for in-app ads. The company looked at the performance of ads based on the category of app in which they appeared.

The study is based on usage data garnered from 15bn ad impressions generated within 170,000 apps that are actively using StartApp’s SDK. The data was collected between 1 and 31 May. StartApp studied six of the most common categories of in-app ads. The findings were:

Mobile game ads see high engagement within Productivity apps (20.3 per cent), Medical apps (19.9 per cent), Photo/Video apps (18.3 per cent), Social Networking apps (17.7 per cent), and within other Games apps (16.6 per cent). Games ads see less engagement in more education and enterprise-oriented apps including Education apps (8 per cent), Finance apps (5.5 per cent), and News apps (1.5 per cent).

Ads for Tools apps see high engagement within Casual Game apps (20.7 per cent), Health/Fitness apps (15.7 per cent), Education apps (15.2 per cent), and Productivity apps (14.4 per cent). Tool app ads see less engagement in Social Networking apps (10.2 per …read more

Source:: Mobile App News