Gamestop Levels Up Omnichannel Retail Strategy

By Tim Maytom


US game retailer Gamestop has invested heavily over the past 10 years in transforming itself into a true omnichannel retailer, and is seeing considerable rewards for embracing digital and mobile strategies.

Around two years ago, the company created the GameStop Technology Institute, a team dedicated entirely to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to improve customer experience both online and in physical stores, as well as increasing revenues, with a focus on digital advocacy, geo-fencing, beacons and innovation platforms.

The company has around 25 store branches in its home state of Texas that are used to pilot everything from beacon marketing and tablets for store associates to AR experiences, with successful elements then rolled out on a national and international level.

“We’ve all seen the headlines: brick and mortar’s dead,” said Michael K Mauler, executive vice president and president of international for GameStop at our Mobile Retail Summit earlier today. “It’s surprising that any of us are are around at all. But pure online retailers cannot compete against brick and mortar retailers with a solid omnichannel strategy and a compelling in-store value proposition. If you’re solely online, you’ve got one hand tied behind your back, because you’re missing the most engaging channel.”

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Source:: Mobile App News