Glassed Off

By David Murphy

mlaw glass

So farewell Google Glass. For now at least. It looked like the next big thing, alongside all the other next big things Google is working on, but for the moment at least, the dream seems to be over.

In one sense, no one should be too surprised when Google kills something. Look back over the company’s history and it is littered with the corpses of defunct tech and services. Think Google Wave, Google Buzz, Google Talk and Google Reader to name but a few.

But Glass was different. It seemed like, to use that phrase beloved of serial conference speakers, a paradigm shift in the way we would interact with the world around us. It seemed to have the potential to fuse the real and digital worlds so that you could go about your daily life in the real world while remaining permanently tuned in to your digital one.

It’s not quite as shocking as Google announcing an end to its work on driverless cars, but it’s somewhere between that and all those other more mundane services Google has killed in the past.

For all its virtues, however, there have always been issues with Glass. Firstly, the device itself was expensive, with the first …read more

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