Google: 51.7 Per Cent of Ad Impressions Never Seen

By Alex Spencer


56.1 per cent of all digital ad impressions are never actually seen by a user, a Google study has revealed.

According to Google, many of these non-viewable impressions are coming from a small number of publishers, but the average publisher viewability rate still only stands at 50.2 per cent.

The ad unit with the highest viewability rate is 120×240, at 55.6 per cent – and vertical units perform better on average. By comparison, the most viewable horizontal unit is 468×60, at 48.2 per cent.

Ads above the fold perform better than those below it, with rates of 68 per cent and 40 per cent respectively. The best position for ads is not at the top of the page but just above the fold, as users scroll gradually past it.

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Source:: Mobile App News