Google Brings Cross-device Measurement to DoubleClick

By Tim Maytom

doubleclick new logo

Google has announced that its DoubleClick ad platform, responsible for a massive 69 per cent of the online advertising sector, will be adding cross-device measurement for the first time, potentially transforming how a huge number of advertisers track customer journeys.

The move, which was announced by Google at its DoubleClick Leadership Summit, will enable the firm to more effectively challenge Facebook’s Atlas ad server, which uses the social network’s user data to target consumers across devices.

“We no longer ‘go online’ but instead, engage in many small moments throughout the day, reflexively turning to the nearest device to solve an immediate need,” said Neal Mohan, vice president of video and display advertising at Google. “In these moments, we expect the right answer and we expect it right away. Brands that are there and relevant for consumers in these moments that matter win.

“Today, the decision to make a purchase rarely starts and ends on the same device. For example you may first see an ad for a pair of running shoes while scrolling through the news at work, then actually decide to buy them a few days later when you realise your old ones need replacing.”

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