Google Glass Could be Returning with Enterprise Edition

By Tim Maytom

Google Glass Somo Naji El-Arifi

Last month we reported on signs that Google was planning on resurrecting its troubled Glass wearable after ending its developer-only Explorer trial at the beginning of the year. Now, that news has been backed up by new reports that the company is preparing an enterprise-focused version for market.

According to 9to5Google, a new device codenamed GG1 has been filed with America’s Federal Communications Commission by Google. The description of the device, though vague, suggests a smart glasses device with support for Bluetooth and wi-fi, with a rechargeable, built-in battery.

In addition, sources familiar with the matter have said that the new hardware is being referred to internally at “Google Glass EE” or “Enterprise Edition” (as opposed to Google Glass XE, the internal name for the Explorer edition).

Enterprise use was one of the few areas where Google Glass saw some success, with industries from healthcare to travel and law enforcement to logistics experimenting with using the device to augment their day-to-day operations.

Since the Explorer program ended, the Google Glass project and team have been under the control of Tony Faddell, the CEO of Next, who reportedly had the remit of making a more commercially viable version of the Glass. …read more

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