Google I/O Announcements: Industry Reaction

By Tim Maytom

sundar pichai at google io

As always, the keynote speech at Google’s I/O developer conference saw the company revealing the next wave of innovations we can expect from the search giant, with a new version of Android and Android Wear, the introduction of Android Pay, expanded capabilities for IoT and the Google Cardboard VR viewer, and much more.

We reached out to industry experts to ask what they thought of the latest wave of Google products, and what impact we can expect them to have on the mobile marketing industry.

“Google I/O lacked the headline announcements of recent years but nonetheless underlined the company’s ecosystem advantage by virtue of the Android installed based, user knowledge, machine learning and highly integrated services,” said Geoff Blaber, vice president for the Americas at CCS Insight. “It’s increasingly clear that consumers are sleepwalking into a world where huge swathes of their personal data resides with Apple, Google or both. Today’s announcements underlined that for both photos and the emerging Internet of Things segment.

“Android Wear remains firmly in early development phase. It may have 4000 native apps, but there is little to suggest it’s ready for mass market adoption. The updates to Android Wear are disappointing, as we …read more

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