Google Seeks to Monetise Maps with Digital Billboards in StreetView

By Tim Maytom

Google StreetView Billboard

Google has announced that it is planning to expand its DoubleClick ad platform with a new format that places ads within Google Map’s ‘StreetView’ function, based on the location the user is searching for.

The format is being trialled among users in San Francisco’s Bay Area but will affect their searches no matter the location they are looking at. It places display ads over existing billboards in frequently searched areas including Times Square in New York and Piccadilly Circus in London, with advertisers already present in the StreetView image able to pay to simply remove the digital billboard and reinstate their own creative.

“Real life billboards change to reflect new campaigns and new deals between publishers, marketers and brands,” said Peter Staker, vice president of Map and Translation Monetisation at Google. “Just because a particular ad has been captured using Google’s revolutionary StreetView technology, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be subject to the same sort of turnover.

“The digital billboards are no more intrusive than real advertising, and mean that people navigating using StreetView will see content that is more relevant to their interests, and more suited to their needs.”

While the pilot scheme is only using display advertising over existing billboards, Google …read more

Source:: Mobile App News