Google Unveils Intelligent Email App ‘Inbox’

By Tim Maytom

google inbox

Google has premiered an intelligent email app called ‘Inbox‘, developed by its Gmail team, that aims to update and transform the experience of using email.

While Google’s last attempt to revolutionise email, Google Wave, was abandoned barely three months after its release to the general public in 2010, the massive shift towards smartphones since then may well work in the company’s favour, with a much larger consumer base willing to experiment with a new app.

Among the features the app offers is automatic grouping of similar types of mail, such as purchase receipts or bank statements, to enable faster reviewing of large groups of emails. The app also highlights key information in important mail, such as flight itineraries, event information and attachments sent by friends or family. It will also pull in useful information from the web that wasn’t included in the original email, such as flight statuses or package delivery schedules.

Inbox also includes calendar elements, enabling users to set reminders, which Inbox attempts to augment with web based information, such as store opening times and phone numbers. The app also allows you to ‘Snooze’ emails, setting them to return at a specific time, or when you get …read more

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