Google Unveils Mobile Payment Service in UK

By Tim Maytom

gmail payments

Google has launched a new payment service in the UK, enabling Gmail users to send money to family and friends via the email platform, making use of the Google Wallet infrastructure to do so.

The service was launched in the US last year and has enjoyed moderate success, as well as helping Google Wallet gain some momentum in Google’s fight against various competitors to establish a dominant mobile payment service.

While recipients do not in theory need to have Gmail addresses, both senders and recipients will need to sign up for a Google Wallet account to use the service or access any money they have been sent.

Once signed up and linked to a debit card or bank account, senders can send payments in the same manner they might attach pictures or documents.

The feature will be rolled out to all Gmail users over 18 over the course of several weeks, and the search giant will no doubt hope the number of consumers adopting Google Wallet as their mobile payment solution of choice will see a surge.

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Source:: Mobile App News