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By David Murphy

Big Issue Stephen Robertson

Homeless street vendors are not the sort of people you immediately associate with entrepreneurship, but after a few minutes in the company of Stephen Robertson, CEO of The Big Issue, you realise that perception might be misplaced. For as Robertson explains, the people you see on the street selling The Big Issue are, in a very real sense, running their own small business. When they start out, they get five free copies and a temporary Big Issue Vendor badge, and a few weeks later when they graduate to permanent Vendor status, they might get a few more. Other than that, every issue they want to sell, they have to pay for, at half the cover price. At the end of each shift, if they decide to spend their takings on things other than more copies to sell the next day, there’s no one to bail them out.

Seen in this light, when you hear about Big Issue vendors taking to social media to promote their wares and even taking mobile payments on iZettle devices hooked up to their iPhones, it comes as less of a surprise.

“It is a face-to-face sales job; you have to stop people in the street …read more

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