How Connected is Connected?

By David Murphy

M's Law Cropped

You can’t look at all the stuff coming out of last week’s CES without a slight sense of awe at the ingenuity behind all the smart watches, toothbrushes, brooches, rings, shoes, cars and everything else on display.

My personal favourites were the Lechal haptic inner soles which buzz to tell you when to turn left or right and Sleep Number’s smart bed for kids which keep parents up to speed on how well their kids are sleeping and even adjusts the firmness of the mattress as the kids grow older.

Before we get too carried away with the individual gadgets though, it’s worth pausing for a moment to ponder on the meaning of that word ‘smart’ or, as it’s sometimes referred to, ‘connected’. Many of the devices shown at CES were undoubtedly connected, often working in tandem with an app to give consumers some insight into some aspect of their lives. By virtue of this ability, it’s fair also to describe them as smart.

But how connected does a device have to be to make it truly connected? I look forward to the day when my smart fridge can talk to the grocery app on my phone and put a pack of butter …read more

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