How do I earn referrals from attorneys? Attorneys answer.

A panel of Attorneys were asked , “What do I need to do as a CPA to earn referrals?”

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Here’s what they said:

1. Take charge. Attorneys respect CPAs who help them anticipate the future and prevent problems. CPAs who are overly cautious will not earn an attorney’s respect.
2. Produce results. Vague statements about quality don’t impress attorneys. Give them clear examples of ways you can make a difference.
3. Shoot straight. Get to the bottom line and never sugarcoat the bad news. Tell attorneys what is wrong so it can get fixed.
4. Understand the attorney’s needs. Talk to attorneys about how to improve their own profits and how to satisfy their goals.
5. Share your professional expertise. Teach attorneys how to use your services to their benefit. And when it comes to asking for a referral, many attorneys feel that CPAs, as a group, are timid and fear asking for business. Attorneys, on the other hand, are usually more aggressive. When you are meeting with an attorney you must strengthen your personal style, be bold, so that you relate to the attorneys on their level.

The responses are anecdotal. I’ve not done research that proves the following points. However, I feel the responses make sense. You’re thoughts are welcome.


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