In Case of Emergency, Send a Text

By David Murphy

999 text

Members of the public should be able to text in to the emergency services, according to a report published today by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). The report, Contacting Emergency Services in the Digital Age, sets out the case for the emergency services to keep pace with the increasing move away from landlines to smartphones, and from voice to data. It argues that in a world where smartphones, text and social media are becoming the norm, creating a new cross-platform, data-based emergency service with a standard interface for consumers should be a priority. Such a move may not only save lives but also enable calls and messages to be better filtered in order to receive more appropriate and faster responses, probably at lower cost, the IET believes.

Launching the report at a meeting supported by the Cabinet Office, the IET is bringing together representatives from Government, the emergency services, BT, Ofcom and the mobile phone industry to agree how best to work together to bring the emergency service into the digital age.

Professor Will Stewart, chair of the IET’s Communications Policy Panel, said: “Communications has changed drastically since the ‘999′ service was designed in 1937, so there is …read more

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