In Tune: Marketing Music on Mobile

By Alex Spencer


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Newspapers, maps, cameras – all items that we know have almost been made obsolete thanks to the rise of mobile. But look around you on a train or on the street, and there’s one device missing from that list.

Most headphone cables no longer run to an iPod as they did five years ago, or a Walkman ten years before. Smartphones are now people’s first choice for listening to music, and for that reason, you might expect mobile to be the perfect choice for marketers looking to push a hot new artist to the top of the charts.

Some companies are taking advantage of this – Google, for example, recently started trialling ‘Listen Now’ search ads that offer users the option to stream or buy songs by the artist they are trying to track down – but, according to Millennial Media, the music industry is lagging behind its peers in TV, cinema and gaming when it comes to mobile advertising. On Millennial’s ad platform, entertainment is the largest vertical, …read more

Source:: Mobile App News