Indonesia Tops Chart of Facebook Mobile Usage

By Tim Maytom

92.4 per cent of Facebook users in Indonesia access the social network through their mobile phones at least once a month, making it most mobile-focused Facebook audience globally.

62.6m people in Indonesia will access Facebook via their phone this year, also making it the third-largest mobile phone Facebook audience in terms of population, after the US and India.

According to research by eMarketer, this number is predicted to rise to 95.1m by 2018, representing 98.8 per cent of all Facebook users, and over a third of the total population of the country. In the US, 79.1 per cent of Facebook users currently access the service through their mobiles at least once per month.

Facebook boasts high popularity in Indonesia, with virtually all consumers who engage with social networks on their mobile phones using Facebook’s app. The country boasts some of the highest levels of engagement with social media, in terms of both time spent on social networks, and frequency of visits in a month.

Indonesia is one of a notable number of mobile-first nations, with most users leapfrogging personal computers and first experiencing the internet via mobile phones. In 2014, Indonesia was the fourth largest mobile market in the world, while only around 10 …read more

Source:: Mobile App News