Innovation Lab: The Biggest Ideas in Tech This Week

By Tim Maytom


If you’ve been to one of Dot Media’s events, you’ll know that our Innovation Lab hosts companies presenting cutting-edge technology that’s poised to transform the market with groundbreaking ideas and solutions.

In that spirit, we’ve taken a step beyond the world of apps, ads and handsets with slightly bigger screens, in order to share some of the tech world’s most innovative ideas. They might be interesting, disruptive or just outright strange, but these are the stories that have caught our eye over the past week.

Game Creates Christmas Shopper Simulator

Computer game retailer Game is preparing its customers for the festive rush in an unusual way – with a free computer game that aims to recreate the experience of a crowded shopping centre in the midst of the Christmas period.

The game, based on on the equally mundane Goat Simulator, is free for both Windows and Mac, and comes “complete with all the disappointment, frustration and suspension of the laws of physics that you’d find in a real shopping centre”.

SwiftKey Creates Personalised Keyboard for Professor Stephen Hawking

Third-party keyboard developers SwiftKey have revealed they had spent two years working …read more

Source:: Mobile App News