Innovation Lab: The Biggest Ideas in Tech This Week

By Tim Maytom

nao robot bank assistant

If you’ve been to one of Dot Media’s events, you’ll know that our Innovation Lab hosts companies presenting cutting-edge technology that’s poised to transform the market with groundbreaking ideas and solutions.

In that spirit, we’ve taken a step beyond the world of apps, ads and handsets with slightly bigger screens, in order to share some of the tech world’s most innovative ideas. They might be interesting, disruptive or just outright strange, but these are the stories that have caught our eye over the past week.

Japanese Bank Introduces Robotic GreetersA 58-centimeter tall robot named NAO is the latest employee at several branches of the Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ in Tokyo, where it will greet customers as they enter and answer basic customer-service questions.

The robot, developed by French robotics firm Aldebaran Robotics, speaks 19 languages, and can also analyze customers’ facial expressions and behaviour. A larger unit by the same company, Pepper, was introduced into SoftBank’s Tokyo stores last week, but the bank claims that this is the first robotic assistant to be used in a major financial institution.

“We can ramp up communication with our customers by adding a tool like this,” said Kazunobu Takahara, …read more

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