Intel Aims to get Inside Wearables with Curie

By Tim Maytom

intel curie wearable chip

Intel has revealed a new piece of hardware, the Curie, which it hopes will be picked up by third-party developers creating the next wave of wearable technology.

The Curie is based on the company’s 32-bit Quark SE SoC (system on chip), and is around the size of a button. It includes a low-energy Bluetooth transmitter and six-axis motion sensor for fitness tracking.

The Curie can run on a watch battery or rechargeable source, and has battery charging capabilities. It runs on the open source RTOS, making it a strong proposition for third-party developers looking to get into the wearables market without having to create their own chips.

Intel has already partnered with a number of companies in the wearables market, including SMS Audio, who produce fitness tracking earbuds.

As part of its presentation at CES 2015, the company also revealed a tiny HDMI-dongle PC, the Intel Compute Stick, which despite its tiny size, houses a quad-core Baytrail Atom processor with 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage and a Micro-USB slot for additional memory.

The firm also demonstrated new applications for its RealSense camera technology, adding it to drones to enable the airborne robots to build a 3D map of their surroundings in real-time …read more

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