iPhones Dominate Online Mobile Payments

By David Murphy

iphone mobile payment

iPhones account for 35.6 per cent of all browser-based payments made using mobile devices, and are now used for 10.2 per cent of all global online transactions, up from 8.6 per cent at the turn of the year. Conversely, having once dominated the mobile payment scene with almost 50 per cent market share in March 2013, iPad transactions now account for just 28.5 per cent of all browser-based mobile transactions.

The figures come from Ayden’s quarterly Mobile Payments Index (MPI), which tracks browser-based mobile payment data across Adyen’s global customer base. The report also reveals that mobile’s total share of online payments is up slightly, from 27.2 per cent in Q1 2015 to 28.7 per cent in Q2.

Smartphones rule
The Adyen MPI shows that in terms of transaction volume, smartphones emphatically rule the waves, increasing their lead from 61.8 per cent of all mobile transactions in Q1 to a total of 64.1 per cent in Q2. And it’s not only due to the iPhone. Android smartphones continue to grow their share of mobile transaction volume, increasing from 27.2 per cent in the first quarter of 2015, to 28.3 per cent. By contrast, the use of tablets over the same period …read more

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