Is This the Real Life?

By David Murphy

Murphys Law iPhone iOS 9

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) this week saw the usual raft of announcements from the company. No new hardware to get excited about this time round, but still plenty coming out of the event to keep Apple fans happy. I think. As a mainly Android user, it’s hard to put yourself truly in the shows of an Apple Fanboy or girl.

The launch of Apple Music took most of the headlines, as well it might. Spotify’s user base of 60m, 15m of whom pay for the service, looks like a reasonable number, but is a mere fraction of the 800m iTunes accounts that Apple controls. And if the normal exchange rate is applied to the $9.99 monthly subscription fee for Apple Music, it will also undercut Spotify in the UK by £3 or more. Throw in a bit of Siri interaction – “Play me the best songs from 1998” and it’s not hard to see Apple Radio being a hit, with or without the 24/7 Beats 1 music station. In fact, Forrester analyst James McQuivery reckons Apple will catch up to Spotify’s paid subscriber base within a year.

Proactive assistance
Siri also caught my eye when looking over the details of the iOS9 …read more

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