It’s Goodbye Weve and Hello, er, Weve

By David Murphy

M Law Weve

The news that O2 is taking full control of Weve, with EE and Vodafone bowing out of the joint venture, signals the end of another mobile operator attempt at a JV. There seems to be something in their blood that prevents them from working together in a full and meaningful way.

Those with longer memories than me will be able to point to other examples, but the one that I recall most vividly was the launch, with fanfare, of the Wholesale Applications Community (WAC) at Mobile World Congress in 2010. Involving 48 companies in total, including 24 operators, WAC was designed to enable operators to get some control of the app market by creating an “open platform that delivers applications to all mobile phone users”.

But it never felt like anything more than a half-hearted, token gesture. There was little in the way of news or announcements from the organisation, and by July 2012, WAC was history, incorporated into the GSMA, with its technology assets acquired by Apigee.

And then we have Weve. People I have spoken to who had dealings with the company tell me it was destined to fail from day one in its JV form, as the child of Telefonica, …read more

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