It’s Official – Mobile Advertising Works Harder Than Other Channels

By David Murphy

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The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has released the findings from its first Smart Mobile Cross Marketing Effectiveness (SMoX) study. Conducted in combination with Marketing Evolution and InsightExpress, the study assessed the economic value of mobile compared to traditional marketing channels by examining in-market campaigns from Coca-Cola, Walmart, MasterCard and AT&T.

According to the study, the optimal spend for mobile is a double-digit per centage of the total campaign spend, far more than most marketers are currently allocating. The findings suggest that marketers would significantly increase their overall campaign ROI, without increasing budget, by simply adjusting mobile spend upwards.

“The market has acknowledged there is a deep chasm between what brands are currently spending on mobile and consumer behaviour, but now there is real, indisputable proof on the value of mobile to a brand’s business goals,” said MMA CEO,Greg Stuart. “I believe mobile presents the greatest transformation of marketing in our generation. With empirical data, SMoX now demonstrates the competitive opportunity for those marketers who figure out how to leverage the power of mobile effectively and optimize their spending with the most impactful allocations in their marketing mix, finally keeping pace with consumers.”

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Source:: Mobile App News