Jolla Splits Company Down the Middle

By Tim Maytom


It’s never easy to launch a new device brand into a saturated market, and even harder to establish a new operating system in a world dominated by iOS and Android. For a while, Finish company Jolla was trying to do both, but the firm has announced it is forking itself, splitting into separate hardware and software businesses.

The company retaining the Jolla name will be focus on the development and licensing business for its open mobile operating system Sailfish, with current chairman of the board Dr. Antti Saarnio taking over leadership.

Current CEO Dr. Tomi Pienimäki will depart to lead a new (as yet unnamed) company which will continue the firm’s device business, which will focus on privacy-conscious consumers and corporations around the world.

Until recently, the company focused on forming regional partnerships to create locally specialised versions of Sailfish in emerging markets, with the selling point that it had no other services to promote, unlike Apple and Google, and so could benefit local developers and brands.

The company has confirmed it still intends to deliver the Sailfish-running Jolla Tablet it crowdfunded last year, which has yet to ship to supporters, and has said it is “working hard” to get the first …read more

Source:: Mobile App News