Just Eat: Past, Present and Future

By Alex Spencer

Matt Hobbs

“The mobile phone is the first part of a stage in human evolution, heading towards a world where we’re all augmented entity,” says Just Eat mobile product lead Matt Hobbs.

That might be an unexpectedly lofty concept for an online takeaway firm to be considering, but Hobbs sees this future as a natural extension of Just Eat’s mobile journey so far. But we’ll get to that – first, let’s wind back the clock.

Back in 2011, when Hobbs joined the company, he admits “we had a very basic mobile experience”.

However, having a mobile site in place – it had launched around a year earlier – and bringing in orders on a regular basis, made Hobbs’ job much easier: “It had proven that mobile was an audience that was sitting waiting for this, so we didn’t have to sell people on the idea.”

From there, Just Eat took the plunge with an iOS and then Android app, both in 2012, and mobile orders have seen “a solid steady growth” ever since, according to Hobbs, and in the first half of 2014, made up 56 per cent of all orders.

“The apps definitely accelerated that process,” he says. “You can see a spike where …read more

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