Lauren Laverne Launches Online Platform Supported by Native Ads

By Tim Maytom

lauren laverne

BBC 6 Music presenter Lauren Laverne and Sam Baker, former editor of Cosmopolitan and Red magazine have launched a new online platform for women that will feature writing, audio and video, and will be supported using native advertising.

The new site, called The Pool, will include contributions from well-known figures including journalist Laura Craik, MasterChef winner and founder of the Wahaca restaurant chain Thomasina Miers, and beauty columnist Sali Hughes, with comedian Viv Groskop recording an agony aunt podcast.

According to the Guardian, the site will feature roughly 20 pieces of content a day, delivered in around seven or eight ‘drops’, and content will be labelled with how long it will take to consume.

“Whenever we talk to people, big internet users, people who are on their phones all the time, they felt completely overwhelmed with content, and if you look at how most people are delivering content, they are just producing huge amounts and hoping things will stick, and the quality of that is not always great,” said Baker. “We want to take a converse view and say ‘what’s the content she wants, where is she and how do we put that into her life?’”

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