Let’s Get Personal (Sponsored)

By David Murphy

Laura column Swapnil

Swapnil Kulkarni, marketing analyst at VoucherBin, explains how solutions like Netwise Captivate are revolutionising mobile marketing

Many businesses now consider mobile as an integral part of their marketing strategy, due to both the ever-increasing mobile market, and the recent Google mobile-friendly initiatives. Even so, the majority of mobile marketing still does not fully utilise the available functionality of mobile devices.

Adapting to the mobile market mostly invoves tailoring current digital marketing so that it can be viewed effectively on a mobile device; but there is the capacity to bring a more personalised experience to the mobile device user.

Where are we now?
As the mobile market has grown, so more digital content has become mobile friendly. Effectively, this means that mobile device users are able to access more retail content which is potentially valuable to them. Picture this: your smartphone is connected with some top online voucher sites, say VoucherBin, and you enter an electronics section of a mall. Now, based on the items already synced with your smartphone and your browser’s history, you will be offered online voucher codes for top electronics retailers like PC World, Currys and more.

Obviously this is advantageous, both to them and to participating businesses, as they …read more

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