Line’s User-Generated Stickers Brought in £47.9m in First Year

By Tim Maytom

line creators market

Line‘s Creators Market, which enables users of the popular OTT messaging app to make and sell stickers to be used in chats, brought in ¥8.94bn (£47.9m) in its first year of existence, with 390,000 creators registered on the platform.

Following service charges by the relevant app store, revenues from sticker sales are split approximately 50/50 between the sticker creator and Line. Creators from over 156 countries have signed up for the Creators Market, and around 100,000 sticker sets have been put up for sale.

For those creators with a strong following, sticker sales have proved a lucrative business, with the top 10 selling individual sticker sets bringing in an average of ¥50.5m, and the top 10 selling creators earning an average of ¥109m.

The company did not disclose how much is earned on average by the community as a whole, and as with most other marketplaces for user-generated content, it is likely that the top 10 represents a few breakout stars, while most other creators make relatively small sums.

However, with 181m monthly active users for the app as a whole, the Creators Market is a valuable platform for both the individual creators who manage to rise above the crowd, and the …read more

Source:: Mobile App News