Liverpool Hope Uni and Tento Partner for Visual Cryptography Password Solution

By David Murphy


Passwords – the bane of modern life

Liverpool Hope University is working with Tento Technologies to develop visual cryptography technology for smartphones, which it could rid the world of bane of modern digital life – passwords. More specifically, the need to remember them, when the different rules different websites employ mean you naturally end up with half a dozen or more variations on one standard password.

Liverpool Hope University Doctoral candidate Neil Buckley and Dean of Science Professor Atulya Nagar are working on mathematical models and algorithms to perfect the security of the Tento Token Authentication System, using digital applications of the principle of ‘secret sharing’, in which secret messages are hidden in sequences of random numbers or dots.

The Tento Token Authentication System, which delivers dynamic one-time encrypted logins, allows for secure internet access and online payments, and can also be adapted to detect counterfeit packaging and tickets.

When users download the free Tento app, they receive an embedded personal TentoID. When they visit a website that has Tento plugins installed, the website displays a QR-code. The user scans the QR code with their mobile device and it displays a one-time use login on their mobile device’s screen. In …read more

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